My character. My outlook on life. I can’t be contained and put into a box stamped by category – my capacity exceeds any single category. I am who I am, not to be defined by others, though they may try. But if you MUST call me something. Call me Autodidactic. Resilient. An intellectual. Clever. Queer, but only in the sense that I am oddly strange, because I’m that person that you can’t quite figure out. Call me Orangee. But only if you MUST call me something. Otherwise, don’t label me, but it was nice to meet you. Although, it’s highly doubtful that you’ll ever encounter anyone else like me. So don’t take this experience lightly…

  1. I like your blog, its cool and real. To tell you the true I feel the same way. Keep up the work and don’t let nobody try to stop you from moving forward for your dream of what ever that is. One Love Hit me on Twitter.

  2. Love your energy and the flow of your words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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