in the midst of it all surrounded by nothing

In Thoughts for Consumption on July 19, 2011 at 17:49

She’s so fiiiiiine….
I’ve gotta admit I wouldn’t let her ride my face though
I don’t know her like that yo


she’s finer than the ripest fruit
not the average Bentley, she’s the coupe
she’s so fine, after looking at her I needed a minute to regroup
and if beauty was essential, she’d be the truth.

she had it all, minus a few things…
but I asked myself: self, who really has it all anyways, these days?
making excuses
the games we play

truth of the matter was…

she was the surface and I needed her core
and expecting more than a pretty face, she found unreasonable
I couldn’t even get her to be her self
she remained concealed, like a plastic Barbie on a shelf
she had no elevation, motivation, or even transportation

I complained and she gave me an ultimatum…

she told me leave it or take it
hell, I’ll admit I took it
with all that ass, if I wouldn’t have, I would’ve been stupid
but shortly thereafter, I gave her all that shit back
she was fine, but baby wasn’t all that
+ the trouble she put me through, I knew someone else would have to pay for that

her depth was shallow
she had more lows than high notes
why I even fcuked with her, I still do not know
yes I do.
she was so fine, it was like eating forbidden fruit
she asked me to show her love
but she couldn’t see through
I apologized, but the connection just wouldn’t produce

I ended it.
put a dot on it, period.

yet, I left so confused…
how was I in the midst of it all surrounded by nothing?


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