Absurd Notions.

In Mentalization, Ponder, Thoughts for Consumption on June 13, 2011 at 16:34

To name a few…

Any one religion or spiritual belief is superior to another.
What births such a thought that makes your ideals any greater than anyone else’?

Only idiots encounter error.
It takes a thinker to recognize error and correct it, only an ignoramus individual will stand by an idea even after they know it to be untrue.

Love is fallible.
One could only believe such because they have never experienced an authentic encounter with love in its purest form.

“It ain’t trickin’ if you got it.” “Make it rain on these hoes.” and other lyrics that proclaim and support senseless splurging on women.
If you uphold such ideas, you should never fix your mouth to call a woman a gold digger. You’re the one who supplied the shovel.

The absence of truth is equivalent to a lie.
You’re not asking the right questions…

Absurd notions. Think before you speak. Be conscious of what you believe.


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