In Focus, Mentalization, Ponder, Thoughts for Consumption on May 11, 2011 at 16:30

The smuggled truth comes out when you’re angry.

Think about all the hurtful, yet truthful things you’ve said to people simply because you were angry.

Embellishments are produced when you’re overtly blissful.

Imagine all the things you cook up when a person asks how you’ve been since they’ve last seen you.

In either case, have you ever been surprised about some of the shit that has come out of your mouth upon retrospect?

It makes me wonder… Are we ever really as happy as we portray ourselves to be or do we simply begin to believe the things we say, over time. And are we ever totally honest to the point where our truth matches our emotions, because emotions don’t lie, no matter what the circumstances are.

Something to consider.


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