Brain Work.

In Mentalization, Ponder on April 4, 2011 at 17:43

Three friends split the cost of a hotel room that cost $30. They pay $10 each. The front desk clerk later realizes that the room really only costs $25 so she summons the Bellboy, gives him the $5 to refund to the 3 guests. The Bellboy decides that he’d give each guest $1 each and keep $2 for himself. So now each guest technically only paid $9 for the room. 9×3=27 and the Bellboy kept $2 so that totals $29. What happened to the last dollar?

  1. well they did pay 27 for the room… the 25 for the cost of the room plus the 2 that the bellboy kept. and they were returned 3 dollars. so 30-3=27. there is no missing dollar. what confuses the reader is that at the end.. the writer takes the 27 paid and adds the 2 that the bellboy kept totaling 29 …but that 2 is already included in the 27 paid… the difference is really the 3 that they were returned…not the 2 dollars the bellboy kept.

  2. Brain Power! =)

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