Crazies and Maybes…

In Mentalization, Ponder, Real Life No Gimmicks on February 18, 2011 at 16:36

Sometimes life gets so crazy, that its experiences amaze me. It’s like I’m living in today for certain, but why so many maybe’s.

I’m a lover for sure. And today I love a little bit more, but now I’m feeling like I shouldn’t love, love anymore. Perhaps I’m unsure. But love and I have developed this bizarre relationship that I absolutely live for.

To be or not to be, ultimately happy. Some days are better than others, but no single day is like another. Sometimes happiness is difficult for grasping – one day you have it and the next day you’re lacking. Maybe… happiness isn’t for having. That’s the erratic thing.

But who am I to say… I’m not an expert anyway, just experienced at discovering, and making something of nothing.

I figured since I’ll live a lot more… I’ll learn a bunch more. And I’ll write quite a bit more. Perhaps meet some new women along the way, that I’ll potentially adore. But I can’t be certain, for sure, so until then I’ll just say:

Shit is crazy.

  1. Be fearless when love presents itself. In your quest for happiness. Recognize the fine line between fearlessness and stupidity. But be fearless. There will never be a right time for many things. But life has a way of putting the right things in front of us. At the very RIGHT time. We have just become experts. At self-sabotage. If you are a lover as I believe you to be. You will NEVER be able to NOT love. But simply put…yes… “Shit IS crazy.”

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