30 Interesting Facts about Me.

In Real Life No Gimmicks on January 14, 2011 at 17:07

I speak in multitude about a lot of things, which indirectly says a lot about me, but nothing directly. So allow me to tell you a little about me.

The rules are to write 30 Interesting Facts about Me. Though interesting is relative, so we shall see. Here goes, in no particular order:

1. I’m a persnickety eater.
2. I am not fond of animals.
3. I’m ardent about everything that I give my undivided energy to.
4. Large bodies of water freak me out.
5. I’m an anal retentive when it comes to structure and organization.
6. I never post anything without reading it over at least 7 times, unless I’m intoxicated.
7. I love hard or I don’t love at all.
8. I enjoy silence.
9. When I’m nervous my palms sweat.
10. I’m forgiving, but not forgetful.
11. I don’t sleep on pillows.
12. I’d rather listen than talk.
13. I’m reserved.
14. I lack in the ability to dance, so I refrain from it.
15. I don’t like to raise my voice so I require careful listening.
16. Writing awakes me from my sleep.
17. Claustrophobic.
18. Observant.
19. Getting to know me is a-maze-ing. Get it?
20. I always wear a smile, even when it’s not present on my face.
21. I enjoy harmless flirting.
22. I’m always hungry.
23. Super optimistic.
24. I often wonder how I got here.
25. I inquire not to find out what you’ll answer, but to see how you’ll answer.
26. At maximum I use about 200 minutes or less a month of my 1400 min. plan.
27. I’ve traveled to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.
28. I have issues with trusting.
29. I never walk with bare feet on anything, except in the shower.
30. I concoct the most potent drinks, but you’d never know simply by tasting it.

  1. 11 14 26 made me chuckle… cute post! Might do this one! 🙂

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