the Good.

In Mentalization, Ponder on December 28, 2010 at 18:28

I believe there’s good in everyone, otherwise the bad wouldn’t be so severely punished. It’s a way of indirectly encouraging and promoting the good in society. Just think, if we all revolted and decided to commit crimes and violent acts, the government would have to redirect their modes of what was considered permissible behavior. They couldn’t possibly punish us all, we would overpower their authority.

Ponder this.

The people who are considered less than good, is it because they are different and stand outside the group of “law-abiding citizens”? Whatever that means. Since we are constantly grouped as a means of separation. Are these people actually awful humans or is their behavior innate? If it is innate, why should they be punished for who they are as opposed to being aided in a form of rehabilitation to reach “normal law-abiding citizen” standards. Whatever that means…

Perhaps they act out their passion in ways that many don’t understand, does that make it wrong? Are they any different from you and I? And the greatest question of them all: Would your perception of them alter, if you were them?..

Ponder that.

I believe in the good of everyone and those that lack the portrayal of that good are somehow misunderstood.


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