Park Time Dialogue.

In Dialogue in The Park, Mentalization, Ponder on November 10, 2010 at 17:34

Whenever Franchinational and I get together, the evolvement of creativity and productivity is nonstop. Our park discussions should literally be recorded just for the sake of capturing the moments. Shit gets so real. It’s like going back and rereading a book that you never quite comprehended, but only except this time, you get it. It’s wowing and it makes an impact on you. We put life into perspective, we set goals and we achieve them. As Franchise says: “I’d rather live my dream, than dream my life.” And that’s exactly what we’re doing. Living and enjoying our lives.

I’m going to do my best to recall the majority of last nights dialogue:

1. We were reflecting on our less than successful relationships (platonic and romantic). Every person we encounter is put in our paths to teach us something about ourselves, whether it be positive or negative. Be mindful of these lessons and be prepared to learn. Some of them hurt and are less than desirable, but the experience obtained is invaluable. You have to possess a willingness to learn, in order for it to occur. Otherwise, you’re just coming in contact with information and no significant purpose is developing from it. I’m most grateful for everyone that I’ve met, you never know the impact that you make on others.

2. We are two progressive individuals and in being as such we want our partners and mates to be as ambitious and steadfast as we are. In seeking this for them, we noticed that we sometimes lose focus of our own goals and objectives, which often times leads to us putting our development and growth on hold, essentially for them. Never put your progress on hold for someone else. While we love our partners, friends and mates we can’t allow them to put our development on hold. It’s unfair to us to pause our advancement in hopes that they’ll catch up and meet our levels and match our dreams. Some people simply don’t want that and we can’t make them have it. It just doesn’t work that way. So in order that we don’t lack or fall behind, we must continue without them, when necessary.

3. I was explaining to her how I had been feeling emotionally drained and how I lacked energy when it came to certain things. She made a very profound point. Energy when shared equally in any relationship typically feels refreshing because the other person is putting in the same amount of energy. However, the moment in which we began to exert more energy than we are receiving is when we start to feel abatement.

4. Being wrong. Most people loathe being wrong as if it’s a disease. People will argue with you, curse you out, and yell at you until they change colors and swear that they are right, even if they know they are wrong. Why is that? There are lessons in being wrong. It takes us being wrong, in order to arrive at being right. Being wrong has such a negative connotation to a point that people think it’s the end of the world, if they are wrong. It’s illogical. I’m actually reading a book about being wrong. So a separate post on this issue will evolve soon.

These were just to name a few. I wish not to write a book on here. But park time is discovery and development time. It’s amazing and enlightening. Everyone should have this kind of time. And for those of you who can’t or simply won’t, I’ll try to post our discussions every week, if time permits.

The ultimate goal at hand is to continue to proceed with life, in a positive direction. Not speaking from expertise, merely speaking from experience. Onward and Upward. Let’s go!


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