Contradictory Chatter.

In Mentalization, Ponder on October 27, 2010 at 17:37

“I know you care, but…”
“I know you love me, but…”
“I know you said, but…”

“I didn’t think you forgot, but I just wanted to remind you…” is really saying that you thought I forgot. If you didn’t think I forgot, why else would you find it necessary to remind me? That statement is contradictory and passive aggressive. Speak with purpose, say what you mean and mean what you say. Cut to the chase. Come out of your comfort zone of being passive in speech. It pisses people off. Well I can’t speak for people, but it frustrates me. Not only do you not mean what you’re saying, but you’re putting the responsibility on me to decipher the message that you’re trying to send to me. Ain’t that some shit? That’s like asking me to borrow money to purchase me a present. Why? I would find it more pleasing if I could just keep my money.

Something to ponder on… When we speak:

Do we speak unconsciously? Do our thoughts escape us faster than we are able process and make sense of them? Do we really say what we mean? Do we even know what we mean? Or are we just talking for the sake of talking? Do we speak so passively in order that we don’t offend to the point that it alters what we truly mean? Does our language overthrow our overall purpose for speaking in the first place? If it does, my final question is wtf are we having this conversation for? How can a point seem pointless when it has validity?

Are you following me?


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