Forever + Eternity.

In Mentalization, Real Life No Gimmicks on October 12, 2010 at 17:00

Dear Lover,

It’s amazing how your love makes me feel like I’m the only one on the universe. Like I’m the repetitive hook to your single verse. Your love is the absolute sweetest entrapment. It’s ecstasy filled rapture.

It takes my breath away, right before it gives it back. And I love you with all of me, with no equivocations of turning back. When I’m in it, it seems your love is never-ending. It knows no moon or no sun. When we’re together, no matter what time of day, it feels as though time has just begun. It’s amazing how when our love is intertwined we become one. Twisted, tied, ripped, stripped, it can never be undone.

Your love is like a breath of fresh air, it lingers in a room even when you’re not there. I, officially, know what is meant by the phrase “love is in the air.” Your love is so poignant, it clouds my mental space. And even if there were no room left in my brain, your embrace, I would never erase.

It’s almost as if words can’t describe my undying love for you, yet you’re so important to me that I go on quests to delicately search for the perfect concepts just to adequately describe your meaning to me, but still they do you no justice. Because you’re perfectly imperfect to me. Even a blind man could see. And the power of your love’s appeal and its presence is so potent, if I were numb I could still feel it…

I feel it… necessary to profess my love for you. Why? Because it’s what lovers do.

I’ll love you forever + eternity because forever simply isn’t long enough. As long as we’re both breathing and in existence, I’ll never give that up. So cheers. Here’s a toast to pure love and not lust. Many don’t know the difference, but they, are not us.


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