In Mentalization, Ponder on August 18, 2010 at 20:27

Inspired by the Bored… O.O

I’ve always had a philosophy that Boredom is a state that we force our minds into, when we’re too lazy to create something better to do.

Just to ensure that we’re all on the same page, I’m going to state the definition of boredom = weariness. A state of inactivity or stagnation. A dull, listless, depressed mood, low spirits.

I find it intriguing when people say they’re bored, even more so when they complain about the state of boredom. Here’s why…

Scenario: Dylan sits in her room, she’s being productive one day, watching television the next, and creating beautiful poetry, another. One day Dylan decides that she’s bored in her room. This is where my philosophy comes in. The state of that place [Dylan’s room], hasn’t changed, but Dylan, on the other hand, has. It’s not that Dylan’s room did anything different from the past 3 days, after all it can’t, because it’s simply a room. The only thing that has changed in all of this is Dylan’s mindframe.

Your mindset alone creates the state you’re in.

So then I ponder: Are people really bored or is this another one of those terms that’s used loosely like Love and Hate for instance? Is it lazy thinking that forces people into this state? Or are they truly and genuinely bored out of their minds?

My curiosity has been sparked… I hope you’ll constructively participate in this discussion.

  1. a) I believe people use the term loosely because it’s a word they are used to and/or aren’t aware of other words to describe their feelings or state.

    b) I believe people can’t immediately engage in an activity they want disallowing them to indulge receiving instant gratification so they resort to “thinking they’re bored”

    Cool Blog

    (@Tresespieces / FPS_ The Expressionist)

  2. I find it quite irritating-but at times, I get my 7 chuckles, simply listening to the words that quickly spill from tongues with no hesitation-yet they sit for HOURS in contemplation- “why”
    I began to think so much I started to believe they just want to hear themselves speak-so they literally say ANYTHING- and even worse-when they THINK they have nothing to do-THEY just take up space-wasting precious time….I’m too excited about the blogs I am about to read-but I will leave my mark-bc I, myself, enjoy feedback-sort of flows like a convo… tee hee

  3. Like this post, simply b/c I was bored out my mind yesterday on my day off. Boredom to me can be restlessness and lazy at the same time. I would like to walk to Borders and hangout and have coffee…but Im too lazy to do so, lol Yeah boredom sucks

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