Homophobality [Being homo in a phobic reality]

In Homophobality, Real Life No Gimmicks on March 11, 2010 at 21:41

I live for the moments when
I can live comfortably in my own skin
I can travel love’s great journey without hate and scrutiny
Sexuality is so miniscule, IF you ask me
but people keep insisting “it’s the devil in me”
Well what about you?
Who died and left you in charge of what’s wrong and right to do?
And religions are so quick to throw the ‘bible’ at you
Well I got one for you
“Thou shall not judge,” what about that rule?
But I’m SO OVER you.

I was told…
They’re afraid of us
Truth be told: we’re afraid of them too
But this isn’t Alien vs. Predator
I promise we won’t prey on you
UNLESS you want us to… :/

But the repression seriously never ends
We can debate the controversy, but we can’t make a mend…

These are the insecurities I dare to never tell man.
Because it’ll only become another strike against me.
To be queer is only a tiny part of me
If you would simply look with your eyes and think with your brain
All this would be made logically and visibly plain

But no one is hearing me…

The only thing I keep hearing is:
Sin. Amend. You won’t win. This isn’t who you are within. Try again. You need to put this to an end.
As simple minds say and eager voices portray:
Homosexuality is the wrong way.
Way to what?
Where we going?
It’s my journey.
I didn’t even invite you to come.

So tell me…
What do you ACTUALLY know about homophobality?
Because for some of us, this isn’t a TV show, it’s an actual reality.

  1. This entire poem resonated with me. I want to shout this part at the top of my lungs to every person that has tried to tell me something was wrong with me loving women,

    Homosexuality is the wrong way.
    Way to what?
    Where we going?
    It’s my journey.
    I didn’t even invite you to come.

    Where are we going is right! And who the hell said we even have the same destination in mind??? It’s my damn journey. My journey to HAPPINESS. I could care less about heaven and hell. I care about happy.

    Very powerful. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. beautiful
    thank you for sharing

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