Round T20

In Hot and Tempting on February 17, 2010 at 01:46

You yelled Encore
So I assume you want more.
So you’ve experienced the foreplay
So now, under my words, we lay
Let’s skip the child’s play
I’m tryna [fcuk] you mindless, until your thoughts stray…
I want them to escape you so fast
That they come running out to me
And let them tell me, how you like it
Whether it be fast, soft or slowly
Without you having to open your mouth one bit
Something I hope to never hear you say:
Stop it.

But come with me
Focus on this
Let me put your brain in a twist…
I wanna [fcuk] your brain ’til you tell me, I can have it
I want to give you the sweetest mental [fcuk]
One like you’d never imagine
Nothing vulgar or harsh, I’m talkin’ strait passion
But rough to the point that your brain can’t even stand it
Your brain’s so good, only a moron would one night stand it
Oh wait. The rest of my thoughts have landed
I want to give them to you – just the way you demand it

Right when you thought – I hit it nice with the last one
You ain’t seen nothing yet – that was a small gun
Don’t gather your thoughts… Please don’t run
Because I have them complacent, and I’m not even done
But your brain is telling me victory has cum

So to that I say
McLeod Brain
It’d be my pleasure to drive you insane
And every time you give me the green light, I’m gonna do it again
Hold on tight, when this high, the air gets thin
To your brain, be the glory, from now until the end.

  1. Like I said…brilliant…
    Absolutely loved it…
    Feel motivated to pound my keyboard!

  2. Whatever… I Gave You The Green Light, N This Is All Im Getting. The Choice Of Words Are Very Intriguing (arouses curiosity) Ha But Is That All You Got To Offer Me? I Wanna Hear It From Your Own Mouth….. I Know The Tricks To Mind Fucking, N I Cant Be Fooled : )

  3. lyrical genius

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