Mental [fcuk] Frenzy

In Hot and Tempting on February 15, 2010 at 23:50

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I can sense that you’ve been yearning…
Yearning to have it in the worst way
But if you allow me…
I promise…
I’ll do it to you
If you’d like, I’ll even do it Slowly
But Surely…
With no reservations nor restraints
From me, you’ll never hear me utter such simple terms as: “I can’t

Because I can. And I will
So peep this. Here’s the deal…

I’d lace the cortex of your cerebral with sweet somethings
Because the “sweet nothings” that the foolish have presented you with
Can’t even stand up to the shit that I’d mind [fcuk] you with
I don’t even need to get inside of it
With just my verbiage alone… Surrounding it
Your mind… would simply cum from it
You’d beg me to skip the Foreplay
But sweet heart, that’s not my way
So Patience. Please. Just wait.

I’ll have you in a mind [fcuking] Frenzy
The type that’ll have you on your knees when I finish it
And please believe I won’t finish quick
But you’ll be begging for more cognitives to escape me
And I’ll keep giving them to you, til you can’t breathe
On the Living Room floor or on the Balcony
You can get it any where, we don’t need privacy
Just let me do it, in my time
So if you’re wearing patience as a disguise
Take it off baby… I’ll close the blinds
Best believe That. Dome. Is. Mine.

Just my penetration of the outer core will drive you up, down, and all around this ride
As long as you can handle the motion, the rest I’ll provide.
[Fcuk] 1st base, I’m going for a home run
What you’d hoped and wished for, will later seem miniscule after I’m done

The hit I put on your cerebellum, you’d swear it was Mental crack
Because every moment after this, you’ll yearn for me to come back
to back
to back…
Because I hit it Real Good like that

I’ll do to your mind, what others wouldn’t fathom the extent to which it were possible.
When you’ve got me, you don’t need a team, I’ll fill the whole roster
I’d have your mind so twisted
You’d swear I entered your brain with my mouth and tongue kissed it
It’s nothing for me to handle the logistics
And baby that’s just the gist of it…

In case you’ve missed the introduction:
Not tryna [fcuk] you… literally
But whether you like it or not
I just [fcuked] you… mentally

And this was merely a simulation
Of what would occur if I played with it…
Want serious action?
I’m sorry baby, you’ve gotta wait for it… 😉

Just think…
Nothing that’s worth having is easy getting
Therefore, you’ve gotta work to get all that I’m giving.

  1. *slams the door as i stomp out* this some bullshit!!!!

    I LOVE IT…

    ok byw

  2. umm that should say

    ok bye

  3. Good gosh!!! While having read this I was initially compelled to write something along the same lines, having reached the ending, I see that you’ve pretty much broken it down so that it is forever and consistently broke. Word to love jones.

    Good job, Juice!

  4. First Off, True You Had Me Going… But i Knew It Was Too Good To Be True. I Know Mind F’ing When I Hear It. I’ve Been There And Done That. As In Ballet It’s In Your Soul… You Can Feel It. So Yeah Your Welcome, N Thanks For The Intro Now Im Going To Be Waiting On The Real Thing

  5. This teased my mental, unsatisfied @best, had me yearning for more, that was the whole idea.. right? lol this piece reminded me of 1 of my own 🙂 & also inspired me, good deal

  6. BRAVO……new to your blog and enjoyed this thoroughly. Theres nothing better than a MIND FUCK when its done right….Very interesting and tempting beginning…..

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