If YOU were my Valentine

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2010 at 22:28

If YOU were my Valentine. I wouldn’t get you a cheesy Card. Soon to be dead Flowers. A horrible selection of Chocolates. Or soon to be inflated Balloons. Would I wine you? Maybe a little. Dine you? It’s a small possibility. But I wouldn’t spoil you too much. Instead I’d give you just enough. You know… So that you’ll come back and such. 😉

But what you can expect is that I’ll hit you with something original. Though, I won’t give out my secrets here. But my words would reach higher depths than any Hallmark Card could ever interpret. With what I have to offer, 1-800-Flowers would seem purposeless. Russell Stover’s Chocolates, simply tasteless. And a silly Balloon, just worthless.

I’d blind fold you. Present you with a few taste testers of my most popular and best tasting concoctions. Professional Perfectionist Bartender Style. Followed by a massage to loosen up any remaining tension that the alcohol may have missed. And that’s just a teaser. The rest of the evening shall be left up to your imagination, and I could only hope that you have an immaculate one. Because nothing I do, could ever be considered mediocre. Besides, wouldn’t want you second guessing your mate.

Simply put, at the end of Feb. 14th, this is all the day really subjectifies:
Most roses are red
It’s Vday so we’ll do whatever you wanna do
but best believe if I’m paying, I plan to be fuckin’ you.

What’s Vday without a good old-fashioned screw? lol
P.S. I love you. [GTFOH! Please!]

But seriously, you should make your partner feel special everyday. We don’t need St. Valentine to tell us what day our partner should feel like the center of our universe. We must do better, in order to be better.

Onward and Upward! Let’s go!

  1. i liked this… i liked this a lot. i wanna know ya secrets O LOL

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Jewel. I’d have no problem sharing that secret. But if I did, it’d no longer be a secret. 😉 @BWABW your response seems a little shocked or caught off guard. Maybe speechless, as I was about your Mind Fuck? Boy… Oh boy… That one! haha

  2. *fans self* yes…cater to all the senses… loved this.

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