In Real Life No Gimmicks on February 11, 2010 at 04:20

We shouldn’t allow others to make us feel inadequate. Insufficient people will drag you through scum, if you tolerate it. Misery really does love company, it’s not just a popular phrase. Misery thrives solely when in the presence of others, otherwise it simply can’t survive. Like humans with no air. So don’t give it your time and most importantly, your energy. Nothing that’s blood sucking. Degrading. Or that hurts you to the core. Deserves that from you. Under any circumstances.

Which leads to my next point. Cheaters are a reflection of no one but themselves. It’s not because you were inadequate that they made the executive decision to cheat. Though you may have felt that way initially, upon the occurrence. But absolutely not. It was due to their inability to be an adult and voice that with you was no longer where they felt they needed to be. Rather than them saying Let’s Call It Off [by Drake], they decided to keep you there so that you may rot in misery along with them. Yeah… it’s a [fcuk] move. Yeah… I said it. And don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. If you’re wearing the blame because your ex or current mate, gave you the shirt. Take it off. And let them wear it. Better yet, ask if you may have an extra one, and give it to the person they cheated on you with. So that they may look like matching clowns. The ultimate goal at hand is to continue to proceed with life, in a positive direction.

Not speaking from expertise, merely speaking from experience. I wrote this. Because I needed to hear it. I needed to read it. I needed to feel this. I needed to apprehend this. Although, my comprehension is on point. When it comes to love, is when you need understanding the most.

So for others that need it. Here, I share. There’s always someone out there with enlightenment to share.

Onward and Upward. Let’s go!

  1. I have had my fill of toxic ppl.. and wasted way too much time on toxic relationships…allowed the misery of others to affect my spirit. No more. I love the way you express yourself. Your words flow smoothly…looking forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. love it! you have spoken nothing but the truth!

  3. Yep…that’s about right buddy.

  4. “If you’re wearing the blame because your ex or current mate, gave you the shirt. Take it off. And let them wear it. Better yet, ask if you may have an extra one, and give it to the person they cheated on you with.” Wow. I co-sign with Vanessa. You definitely have a way with words. As far as people making you feel inadequate…that can apply to so many areas of life: work, family, friends, etc. I realize people try to make you feel inadequate as a result of their own insecurities and shortcomings.

  5. Also, it seems like people who cheat want to “have their cake and eat it too.” They want to still have the comfort and familiarity of their relationship and whether it’s the thrill, newness or what have you from the person they’re cheating with. Cheating is one of the most selfishness acts you can commit, in my opinion.

  6. I didn’t know where to begin on this post. I could very well sit here and reflect as if it were my own space.. You hit some major points in this post. I’ll keep this brief…

    When reading this, specifically on how people feel when they’ve been cheated on, I find that people excuse that persons behavior by putting it on themselves. They continue to question themselves and their abilities in attempts to justify someone else’s infidelity. It speaks volumes about a person’s self-worth, as well as self-esteem.

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