My Human Experience


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When you’re going where I’m going sometimes you have to leave certain people behind. I strive not to be one of those people who gets left behind, and I challenge my friends not to be either. Because I will only hesitate before I leave they ass behind. Would expect they’d do the same. For those of my friends who missed the unofficial memo, here’s the official one: Don’t fuckin’ get left behind. Be your best! Be the asset you were intended to be. I’m rooting for ya! 😉


Strayed. Should’ve Stayed.

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I strayed from writing because it hurt too much. A few days ago, I realized it wasn’t the writing that caused the pain- it was the memories that ensued- stay tuned.

That Kind of Love

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I want the kind of love that lasts through generations. The kind that doesn’t separate no matter how far the distance or how much space there is.

The kind of love that a set of wedding rings can’t buy. The kind that marriage complements, but doesn’t define.

The kind of love you can confide in. It potently lives within and no matter how grand the outer temptation, nothing will scrape it thin.

The kind of love that speaks in silence. And when we are together, love is what our vibe is.

The kind of love that’s forgiving. So when we mess up, it’s not the end, just a new beginning.

The kind of love that’s so captivating, just by reading this, you want that kind of love too.

Love that creates a bond that’s unbreakable, unmistakable, and irreplaceable. Yeah… that kind of love.